Mike Pratt

My dad is my Best Man because he really is the best man. He always used to say to me, “You’re the man who would not be the man without the man.” I never knew entirely what he meant by this, but I think the message is at least two fold — I certainly wouldn’t be the man I am today without my dad, because he taught me to fish, to measure twice and cut once, and that the ultimate man was Jesus. Tracy tells me I’m just like my father, and I think that’s the best compliment ever.


Guion Pratt

Look at that face. Only the best brother gets that fired up over King Tracy Morgan. Guion and I could not be more similar and different at the same time. A lot of the similarities we have come from me (maybe subconsciously) wanting to be just like him. This is the guy that taught me what good music was, and how to brew beer. Some of our best times together have been overseas in both Ireland and Prague. I couldn’t ask for a better brother.


Mark Alexander

Mark is Tracy’s brother, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him over the past three years. He’s one of the biggest NC State fans I know, and the story will probably last that we moved our wedding date so he wouldn’t have to miss a home football game. I’m excited for us to become brothers, because I know he’s been a great one to Tracy. 


Patrick Angle

Patrick Angle is absolutely one of my best friends. He and I have known each other since freshman year at NC State, but really grew close when we started brewing beer together during our junior year. Pat is the friendliest guy you will ever meet. He’s a wild man, but he’s unfailingly loyal. We both like to dream big, to travel, enjoy good beer. I can’t wait for this dude to make his way back to Raleigh.


Ryan Collier

Ryan and I have been friends since high school. We met through Young Life, and grew close playing in a really awesome punk-pop band we called  The Drive By Affair (formerly Fashion Your Seatbelts). He went to NC State a year before I did, and I was happy to join him there when I graduated high school. We did more YL and music together in college, and still remain good friends today. One of the highlights of week is Friday morning breakfasts with this dude. Oh, and we’re going to be neighbors-ish.


Brad Fogleman

I’ve also known Brad since high school, through Young Life and other things. We went to NC State together as well (he was also a year above me). Like other friends, Brad and I starting to really get to know each other while brewing beer. Tracy and I have loved spending time with him and his wife, Mary. We share a heart for Raleigh, and I think we’ll all be around here for a long time.


Tom Meiners

Or Thom, as I like to call him. Tom and I lived in the same dorm for our first two yearsa of college, then moved into a house together for the third year. Speaking of loyal friends, Tom is definitely one of them. We’ve spent countless hours talking about music, theology, and life in general. I’ve learned a lot about myself from this guy. Also, he’s my favorite weatherman.


Aaron Turbeville

I met Aaron towards the end of my first year of college, when he was starting to date one of my good friends from high school. Now he and Mollie are married, and they are both in our wedding! Aaron and I lived together our junior and senior years of college. He taught me a lot about being an adult, from style, to cars, to finance. He’s moving all over the country these days doing important engineer work. Tracy and I love him and Mollie. We’re super pumped they both get to be part of our wedding!

Our Story - by Win

This is the story of two people meeting and falling in love. It’s a story full of grace, distance, forgiveness, redemption and joy.

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Today, @windleypratt and I became homeowners!! We’ve had a busy day moving him in. I can’t wait till we get married in October so that I can join him in our home! Welcome to The Pratt house! Visitors welcome! (at 2237 Sheffield)


These are some of my favorite people ever. I love them all dearly. I failed to listen to the advice to pick less attractive bridesmaids than you; I mean look at these babes. 


Elizabeth Alexander

Elizabeth is my sister-in-law and Matron of Honor.  Elizabeth is one of the kindest people I know. I am so thankful that she married my brother. When they first started to date, I was a little hesitant, but I will never forget when Mark told me after their 3rd date, “Tracy, you need to meet her because she is going to be your sister.”  Since then, she has been my sister in every way possible.


Kayla Edwards – soon Kayla Pleasants           

When Kayla and I met, we were both in tears at Global Village coffee shop. She has been a wonderful friend through all the highs and lows of the last 4 years that I have known her. She is sweet and loving and very intentional. I can always count on Kayla to be there with me when I get a random burst of energy to do something crazy.



Maggie Hennessey – soon Maggie Pierce     

Long ago, before Win and I were even dating, Patrick, Win and Myself were going to go see Phantom of the Opera. Win asked if he could bring and friend promising that I would love her, and boy was he right. We bonded immediately and have been close friends ever since. My favorite memory with Maggie is when we were in Ireland; we spent the entire day getting lost on bikes on the Aran Islands.


Jessie Jordan – soon Jessie Hathcock

Jessie is sassy. Like, very sassy. She also has one of the best hearts I know. She is passionate about everything that she does and isn’t afraid to jump feet first into any situation. I originally meet Jessie at community group and our friendship developed slowly over time. My favorite conversations with Jessie usually begin with her question “Tracy, how’s your heart doing?” And we both end up having huge revelations about our current walks with the Lord.



Bethany Morgan

Bethany is my oldest friend. She is one of my favorite people to just be around. Sitting down to hang out with her is a breath of fresh air and I immediately relax. She easily navigates conversations so that they are the perfect balance of light and meaningful. I always leave hanging out with her feeling encouraged and well poured into.


Amanda Moss

Amanda is wonderful. Even though we knew each other throughout high school, we did not become close until we were both in Sound of Music our senior year. While I loved being in that musical, I am mostly thankful of the friendship that I got out of it. Amanda is one of those people who would drop everything to be there for the people that she loves. When I think about some of the hardest times I’ve had, I am reminded that Amanda has been the one who has often been my shoulder to cry on.


Mollie Turbeville

One time on a long car ride, Win and I were playing the game of favorites. When the category “Favorite Person” came up, It was an unanimous “Mollie.” Mollie has one of the most infections personalities I have ever met, and we both love her very much. Her and her husband Aaron, have always been a couple that we love to spend time with, and value their wisdom and advice.


Allison Winter

Last, but certainly not least, Allison Winter. Allison is the most gentle and loving friend. There have been times when I really don’t know what I would have done without her. The best compliment anyone has ever paid me is to confuse me with her. Though she would never admit to this, she is one of the most beautiful, funny and strong women in my life.

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Tracy and Win got engaged on May 4th, 2013 in the middle of a day full of things they love. After brunch at Finch’s Diner and coffee at Global Village, they walked to the Rose Garden to “hang a hammock.” Good friends Beau Weiss and Natalie Brown had helped Win set up a table with flowers and petals. After a detour through the budding rose bushes, Win led Tracy to the table, where she began to realize what was about to happen. Win got down on one knee and asked Tracy to be her wife. After a bit of crying, she laughed and said, “yes!”